a valuable weapon in your digital marketing arsenal.-

facebook is still one of the biggest audiences out there for marketing your product or service. Used in conjunction with something like Google, the results can be devastating. 

So, you're based in North Wales and need help with facebook ads?

why you need facebook ads

Facebook is arguably the largest social media platform with two billion users, 1.2 billion of which are active every day

There are approximately 42 million UK Facebook users and 307 million in Europe.

Facebook is an incredibly stalky platform, they know a frightening amount about their users. Every click, like comment and post is tracked and recorded against it’s users profile. It makes it an incredibly powerful platform to market on.

66% of the UK.....

66% of the entire UK population have a facebook account., and 45% of all the UK users visit the site at least once a day.

The largest facebook audience in the UK is Men aged between 25 and 34, closely followed by women of the same age. 

What else comes under facebook ads?

it’s not just facebook that you can advertise under when you use facebook ads. Instagram, facebook messenger and thanks to a piece of technology called the facebook pixel, like Google we can retarget visitors to your own website. So we can pester them about products or services they have viewing.

I’ve been combining the best bits of all these platforms for over 8 years. 

Facebook Ads
Messenger Ads
Facebook Video Ads
Instagram ads

Tailor-Made Facebook Marketing

unique Facebook Strategy

every business is different. every audience is different. once we agree to work together I’ll come and visit you and we can have a brew and a chat about your current customers

one of the best features of facebook advertising is it’s lookalike feature. we can take your current customers, or website visitors and then find people who are very similar to those people. 

what do you need?

google ads

quite simply google are still the number one for nearly everything, product sales and leads. Google is always your starting point for advertising

tik tok ads

the darling of 2021 and with a surprisingly older market than you think. I can help you get started on TikTok ads and monetise this new platform

instagram ads

more useful for aesthetically pleasing products with an audience of 28.4 Million in the UK it's hard to ignore "insta"

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