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i’m matt rycroft and run chunka, a little freelance digital agency based in abergele, north wales. 

Why pay large agency fees?

I help people like you sell your products, or get you leads.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for 15 years, i’ve worked in lead generation, in e-commerce and everything in-between.  my monthly retainers start at £200, unlike most agencies where they can be 10 times higher.

what do you need?

google ads

quite simply google are still the number one for nearly everything, product sales and leads. Google is always your starting point for advertising

facebook ads

although not as powerful as it used to be, facebook is still where most people are and is a great platform for getting eyeballs on your ads.

instagram ads

more useful for aesthetically pleasing products with an audience of 28.4 Million in the UK it's hard to ignore "insta"

microsoft ads

amazingly a lot of people still use bing over google. a more mature audience is found on bing and you can still get good results on the platform.

tik tok ads

the darling of 2021 and with a surprisingly older market than you think. I can help you get started on TikTok ads and monetise this new platform

amazon advertising

Nearly 90% of shoppers in the UK are using Amazon. can you afford not to be selling your products on the platform?


organic seo is a long term plan that can take years to master, but the rewards are massive. Unlike advertising organic clicks are completely free.

local seo

suitable for local companies serving local people, appearing in the map section of google can easily lead to you dominating your competitors

linkedin advertising

if your after b2b leads or need help with recruitment ads, Linkedin is the place you need to be advertising.

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Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with agencies and brands big and small to help them get the best value from digital. Whether your budget is £1000 a day, or £10 a day, I can work with you to understand your goals and help you achieve 

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